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National doughnut day: Three local businesses come together for gin-credible collaboration

Today, June 7, marks National Doughnut Day - and it's been made even sweeter with three local businesses coming together to create a tasty collaboration that looks as though it will be a winner with donut and gin-lovers alike.

Co Down gin company The Copeland Distillery, expert donut merchants Oh! Donuts and Belfast’s newest bar, Margot, have combined their skill sets to create a cocktail and donut pairing experience for £8, available at Margot from 6.00pm on June 7.

Margot will be serving a freshly-made signature Oh! Donuts doughnut filled with a sweet creme pat that's loaded with a raspberry pulp and Copeland’s Raspberry and Mint gin, topped off with a sticky and sugary glaze.

The donut has been paired with a Copeland Raspberry and Mint mojito cocktail expertly designed by Margot’s mixologists.

“Collaborating with local suppliers and producers has always been a key activity for us," said Gareth Irvine, founder of The Copeland Distillery.

"Our raspberries are sourced locally from fruit farmers and it’s this quality and care that has made our raspberry and mint gin a hero product for us. As mint and raspberry are flavours that also work perfectly in donuts, the collab with Oh! Donuts made perfect sense.

“Having Margot on-board to pair the donut with a delicious Copeland Gin cocktail enhances the experience and gives us a chance to surprise and delight consumers with the versatility of our delicious flavoured gins. The mojito cocktail Margot has created is exceptional. A creative blend that showcases the subtle sweetness of our raspberry and mint gin. The finish is a big kick of refreshing mint that pairs perfectly with Oh! Donut’s intensely sweet creation.”

Zoe Watson, operations manager at Clover Group, the group behind Margot said: “We’re really excited for people to pop in to Margot after work today and over the coming weeks to get their hands on this exciting pairing.

“When it comes to food trends, gin and donuts are on the tips of our tongues this year and partnering with the best in these offerings locally, to deliver a unique cocktail and dessert pairing has allowed us to bring something special to our new, growing customer base.

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