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Northern Ireland pork gets own label

By Linda Stewart

An 'assured origin' labelling scheme has been launched to guarantee shoppers their pork comes from Northern Ireland.

The programme, introduced by the Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum, is a voluntary code of practice for the labelling of pork products.

It is designed to communicate that meat with the seal has been produced here in its entirety.

An advertising campaign that encourages people to look for the label is also being rolled out.

Norman Robson, chairman of the Pork and Bacon Forum, said: "The label guarantees the product is wholly produced here. We are incredibly proud of our meticulous standards, our industry and the role it plays in our economy.

"We are also delighted that major retailers are supporting our campaign by stocking local pork."

Tesco NI's commercial manager Cliff Kells added: "Our customers have a right to know where their food comes from.

"This campaign helps customers make informed choices."

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