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Now you can order Domino's Pizza by pushing a big white button

April Fool? Industry game-changer? Time will tell. Domino's has actually created a physical button that you can push to order pizza straightaway to your door.

The "Easy Order" is a big white button inside a tiny pizza box, that orders a pizza in one click.

But the company is keeping tight-lipped about how to get hold of one, with the "limited edition release list" a closely-guarded secret.

"The first phase of these dream buttons will be released in late November with a second phase planned for February 2016," says the group.

Coincidentally, however, they are also promoting a "Digital Easy Order" - a new one-touch payment system on the Domino's app.

Laugh at this gimmick all you like now; you know you'll want one at 2am this weekend...

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