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'Perfect burger' formula unveiled by Oxford food scientists for National Burger Day

Perfect burger formula has been revealed (file pic)
Perfect burger formula has been revealed (file pic)

Barbecue season may be drawing to a close but Oxford scientist Charles Mitchel has released a scientific formula which he guarantees will make the perfect burger.

The food perception expert and chef, who studies at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, believes that the smell and feel of a burger in one’s hands is more important than its overall look and based research around formulating the perfect burger.

According to Mitchel, the formula for success relies on the burger’s smell which accounts for 30pc of all pleasure drawn from the experience. More than 25pc relies on a burger’s feel and 15pc on how it looks. The food scientist believes that the taste of the burger is representative of just 15pc of the pleasure experience.

Meanwhile, the expert in gastrophysics believes a burger should measure 7cm tall and 5cm wide, which allows all flavours to be enjoyed at once. The perfect burger consists of nine layers of perfection.

These include a warm seeded bun, sprayed with sesame seed oil, chipotle sauce, crunchy lettuce, gherkin, vine ripened tomatoes, Serrano ham and deep fried onion, melted Camembert cheese, a beef patty, ketchup and a bun splashed with soy sauce.

Mitchel said: "Science has shown that deliciousness is a perception created by our brains with stimulation coming from all the senses and not only a sensation happening in our mouth.

"We actually 'taste' food with all of our senses and it is scientifically inaccurate to think just about the taste of food in the mouth when discussing deliciousness.

Perfect burger formula has been revealed
Perfect burger formula has been revealed

"A growing body of research is also showing just how much we 'eat with our ears' and sound is often the forgotten flavour sense. Imagine how disappointing a burger would be without hearing the crunch of the crispy bacon, lettuce or gherkin.

"Focusing on the sizzle of the meat, the sound made by food in your mouth as well as listening to your favourite song whilst eating a burger can really make it more enjoyable,” he said.

The research was conducted as part of National Burger Day on August 27 and commissioned by UK supermarket ASDA.

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