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Q&A: Nadiya Hussain - 'There are still loads of things I cannot cook'

Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain tells Claire Spreadbury about the ultimate meal, her mum's korma and an obsession with Marmite crisps

Snack attack: Nadiya Hussain
Snack attack: Nadiya Hussain

Luton-born Nadiya Hussain is obviously a whizz in the kitchen, but that doesn't stop her scoffing crisps, plumping for a quick fix or lusting after everyday stuff like her mum's cooking.

We caught up with the cook, author, presenter and Bake Off winner to find out her innermost foodie secrets.

Your ultimate death-row, last-night-on-earth meal, would be ...

Smash instant mash, made with butter and cream and lots of salt, with Heinz tinned tomato soup on top. Definitely. Every day. I suppose if it's a death-row meal it should be something that somebody works really hard to make me, rather than something as easy as that. (But), nope, it would be that. That's my favourite thing to eat. Give it a go.

The one thing you still can't cook is ...

There are loads of things I still can't cook. That's the joy of cooking, isn't it - that you're learning all the time? I want to say I can cook everything in the whole world, but what I aim on cooking next is a spit roast. Me and my dad are taking apart a bike and we're going to make a spit roast ourselves.

Your favourite store cupboard essential is ...


The kitchen utensil you absolutely can't live without is...

A Microplane. They're amazing. It's like a souped-up grater. The blades are so sharp. I spent years zesting on a bad grater and it all gets stuck inside, but with this, you get the best out without it touching the pith.

If you get hungry late at night, the first snack you'll reach for is ...

Marmite crisps, 12 packets in one sitting. Never one.

Diet or full fat?

Full fat.

Preferably your eggs would be ...


Your favourite childhood dinner is ...

My mum's chicken korma.

You are incapable of stomaching ...

Very few things. I don't eat pork or drink, so give me those two and I probably wouldn't cope. My parents practically raised us on offal because it's cheap and a part of the animal nobody wants to eat.

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