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Belfast restaurants back in business but there’s still some distance to go

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Henry's Bar

We are now in a period of transition. Some restaurants and bars have re-opened while others wait. The semblance of a former nightlife as experienced last weekend would nearly make us believe that things are back to normal. But we’re not back to normal and the health and safety measures meant to prevent the spread of Covid 19 are still in place. And all those restaurants doing takeaways (see the Belfast Telegraph takeaway register which is still being updated each week), are still at it and intend to continue this line of work for the foreseeable.

So while some bars and restaurants are back in business, don’t forget those who for reasons of space or for whom the idea of reopening so soon is just too risky, and who remain reliant on their new takeaway sideline to keep their kitchens and staff busy and generate some income — they need your support.

The adviser and I went out last Friday night on the first permissible day of reopening. We were both more than a bit apprehensive especially as we had invited the two daughters and the boyfriends. Throughout the past three months we had all adhered rigidly to the guidances.