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Revealed: Northern Ireland counties with most pubs in a square mile

New research has revealed which Northern Ireland counties have the most pubs within a square mile.

Blundstone collated the data to reveal which counties had the most pubs packed into the smallest space.

Unsurprisingly Co Antrim came out on top with 0.29 pubs per square mile, with 346 pubs throughout the county,

Co Down was in second place with 0.24 pubs per square mile and 227 pubs in total.

Third place was tie with both Co Londonderry and Co Armagh having 0.18 pubs per square mile.

However, Derry had 143 pubs to Armagh's 76.

Next up was Co Tyrone with 127 pubs and 0.10 per square mile.

Bringing up the rear was Co Fermanagh with just 55 pubs and 0.08 per square mile.

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