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Roll on up for some tasty sarnie treats

Are you a wrap, sliced white, brown or baguette fan? asks Bennett Bonici

August is National Sandwich Month, a time to celebrate the simple elegance and incredible variety available when you put some ingredients inside bread. Here are just a few of our favourite ones.

1. Greggs' Fiery Pulled Fajita Chicken Burrito (£3)

Despite recent controversy over what constitutes a sandwich, this offering from the Newcastle brand won best new hot sandwich of the year at the 2017 Sandwich Awards (or The Sammies).

2. Pret's Chicken Avocado Sandwich (£3.49 takeaway)

Avocado may be the barrier standing between millennials and home ownership, but it is delicious on a nice piece of brown bread.

3. Eat's Prosciutto Baguette (£3.75)

With tasty slivers of prosciutto, sunblush tomatoes and a load of rocket and mayonnaise, this summer sandwich is perfect for a picnic.

4. Waitrose's Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich (£2.80)


The BLT is a classic among classics: stuffed with everything you need to keep you going all day.

5. Co-op's Tennessee BBQ Pork and Apple Slaw Corn Roll (£3)

British pulled pork and apple slaw under barbecue bourbon sauce, with spinach, beans and onion chutney - it's like a backyard barbecue in a roll!

6. Starbucks' Ham and Cheddar Toastie (£2.99)

The ham and cheese toastie is standard lunchtime fare, but what makes this iteration exciting is the cheese baked into the top of the sourdough roll. Mmm, cheese.

7. Tesco Finest Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (£3)


Very little can beat Scottish smoked salmon when combined with soft cream cheese and barley bread. Go on, treat yourself.

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