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Sweet cheats for those who like their treats

Because all this healthy eating is hard work. By Claire Spreadbury

How's that New Year diet coming along? Losing the will to live yet? Us too. But don't panic. There are some sweet treats and savoury saviours sitting on the shelves that can give you the hit you need, without making you pile on the pounds. These are our favourites ...

1. MightyBee Organic Vegan Coconut Jerky Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavour, 12-pack, £34,

If you're looking for a new snack for a new year, this organic little vegan number could be just the thing. It's the flesh of organically grown, young coconuts, mixed with chocolate sauce and chunks of hazelnut, all gently dehydrated. Delicious - and just 75 calories.

2. Bounce V Life Cashew and Peanut Protein Energy Ball, £1.89,

Cutting back on calories can leave you lacking in energy. Snack on a Bounce Protein Ball for a bit of a boost. The cashew and peanut flavour is a real treat - perfect for any spooning-peanut-butter-from-the-jar fans. 180 calories for the whole thing, but half is easily enough.

3. Salt & Vinegar Pea Snaps, 70p, Marks & Spencer (in store only)

Sometimes, only a bag of something crunchy will do, but you can still feed the need for a salty snack without stuffing your face with greasy crisps. These baked pea snacks are sprinkled in salt and vinegar - and we love all 89 calories of them.

4. Metcalfe's Milk Chocolate Ricecakes, 95p, Caffe Nero

In need of sweet-hit dessert, or a little something with your cuppa, but still want to feel saintly? Fill up on a couple of chocolate covered rice cakes - just 81 calories each.

5. Cashew Crush Raw Fruit & Nut Bars, 99p, Holland and Barrett

Great for breakfast on the run or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, these bars are gluten-free, high in fibre and just 158 calories each.

6. Indie Bay Snacks Quinoa Pretzel Bites with Cracked Pepper, £1.66, Asda

If you're someone who likes a savoury snack with their beer or wine, this is for you. Healthier pretzels made from natural ingredients, and 98 calories a bag. Much better on the waistline than alternating handfuls of peanuts and crisps with your favourite tipple.

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