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Tayto bags real winner with its Cheese & Onion flavour


Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps

Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps

Andrew McMenamin, the owner of the crisp sandwich shop in Bedford Street

Andrew McMenamin, the owner of the crisp sandwich shop in Bedford Street

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps

It seems we just can't get enough of Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps.

The world's first crisp sandwich cafe opened in Belfast this week and has seen crisp fans queue out the door to get their hands on the classic crunchy snack served on a buttered crusty bap.

What started as a spoof on the Ulster Fry satirical website has now turned into an exciting new business venture for That Wee Cafe owner Andrew McMenamin.

The businessman told the Belfast Telegraph his team has been overwhelmed by public reaction to the quirky new Simply Crispy project.

Andrew said: "By far and away the Tayto Cheese & Onion Belfast bap is the most popular choice for customers.

"It is my favourite too. I am old school."

Yesterday when the Belfast Telegraph spoke to the men, women and children lining up in Bedford Street to get their hands on a Simply Crispy meal, there were solicitors, accountants, warehouse operatives and students among the throng, demonstrating the humble crisp sandwich appeals to a broad variety of people.

That Wee Cafe's popular Hallion cooked breakfast bap, with the addition of Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps has already been given the name The Jackal after north Belfast boxer Carl Frampton.

The world champion sportsman is looking forward to sinking his teeth into one when his strict diet ends after his fight against Chris Avalos at the Odyssey Arena on February 28. And there is an opportunity for Simply Crispy fans to come up with some interesting new names for crisp sandwiches soon, as Andrew explained.

"We are going to start working on some combinations for the menu and will be running competitions for customers to name them," he said.

A 2013 survey of 3,000 people's crisp-eating habits claimed to reveal personality traits linked to favourite flavours.

According to the report Cheese & Onion fans possess "good taste buds and a real passion for food".

Lovers of Salt & Vinegar are described as "workaholics that are hit hardest by the stresses and strains of everyday life" and a penchant for Ready Salted apparently means you are "boring and unexciting" and someone who likes "the 'safe' option".

It was suggested the adventurous among us opt for more modern flavours like Sweet Chilli while Smoky Bacon was a hit with men described as "confident and brave".

Our favourite flavours

Emma Townsend (32), a solicitor, from Belfast

Favourite crisps: “Walkers Smoky Bacon. You can’t beat a bacon flavour crisp.”

Simply Crispy order: “A crusty bap with cheese and smoky bacon crisps.”

Sean Kelly (40), a finance manager, from Belfast

Favourite crisps: “McCoy’s Cheese. They have a strong, tasty flavour.”

Simply Crispy order: “The works. Ham, cheese, McCoy’s in a sandwich with soup.”

Danielle Stevenson (26), a customer service manager, from Castlereagh

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Cheese & Onion. You can’t get them in England. I’ve loved them from I was a kid.”

Simply Crispy order: “Belfast bap with Cheese & Onion.”

Bronagh Smyth (27), an advertising psychologist, from east Belfast

Favourite crisps: “Pickled Onion Monster Munch. They taste ridiculously tasty at any time of day.”

Simply Crispy order: “Belfast bap with Pickled Onion Monster Munch.”

Joanna Minnis (17), a schoolgirl, from Holywood.

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Salt & Vinegar. Tayto is a home brand and Salt & Vinegar definitely has the best taste.”

Simply Crispy order: “Pan bread with Salt & Vinegar.”

Grace Fitzpatrick (20), a trainee accountant, from Belfast

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Salt & Vinegar. They have the best flavour.”

Simply Crispy order: “Crusty bap, with ham and cheese and Tayto Salt & Vinegar.”

Tess Herman (19), a trainee accountant, from Belfast

Favourite crisps: “Walkers Salt & Vinegar. They are lovely. Very tasty.”

Simply Crispy order: “Belfast bap with Tayto Cheese & Onion, soup and chips.”

Ciaran Hamill (25), a trainee accountant, from Portadown

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Cheese & Onion. They are very nostalgic.”

Simply Crispy order: “Belfast bap with ham, cheese and Cheese & Onion crisps.”

Naomi Jefferson (33), a travel agent, from Dundonald

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Cheese & Onion. I really like the flavour.”

Simply Crispy order: “White bread, butter, Tayto Cheese & Onion.”

Keith Trimble (36), a civil engineer, from Lisburn

Favourite crisps: “Flame Grilled Steak McCoy’s are chunky and have a bit of substance.”

Simply Crispy order: “Plain bread, butter, cheese and McCoy’s.”

Andrew Pinkerton (30), a warehouse operative, from Moira

Favourite crisps: “Tayto Spring Onion. They should be called Tayto Scallion. It’s a traditional Northern Irish flavour.”

Simply Crispy order: “It’s my birthday today so I am treating myself to Scallion and Nutty Krust bread.”

Louise Cavanagh (25), a trainee solicitor, from Belfast.

Favourite crisps: “McCoy’s Steak. They taste so nice.”

Simply Crispy order: “Plain bread, butter, ham, cheese and Steak McCoy’s.”

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