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Try a dinner party with a twist

Dinner parties can be hard work at times for hosts with so much worry about whether everyone is enjoying themselves, but that needn't be the case. With a little imagination, dinner parties can become a great way of entertaining people with a mixture of conversation, great food, drink and party games.

If you enjoy entertaining guests but are fed up of the same routine each time you hold a dinner party, why not try out something different to really liven things up? Personalised gifts are a great way to really treat your guests, especially if the party is to celebrate someone's birthday or another special occasion. Take the enjoyment to a whole new level.

When planning a dinner party, the drink that you purchase is a major consideration, withthe wine offered needing to complement the food. If you are planning on having a fish or a chicken dish, then a nice dry white wine will stand alongside it tremendously, whereas if you are having beef, or another red meat, then a red wine, such as Shiraz, would be a much more appropriate option.

Whichever food or drink you are planning to serve, a great and original way to surprise the guests is by having personalised wine bottles for them at their place settings. Imagine the surprise and excitement when you hand them a bottle to open that has their name on the label, especially if the person in question is the guest of honour.

Wine isn't the only tipple that can be personalised however, if the people you are treating are not big fans of wine, the drink of their choice can still have their name on whether they prefer a bottle of beer, a glass of port, or a shot of brandy. It doesn’t just have to be a name either, why not buy a bottle of whiskey or vodka with a personalised photo for those really special occasions.

The dinner party guests will inevitably include the designated drivers or non-drinkers, for them, why not purchase a set of personalised English teas or their own personal coffee blend. Treat your guests by making them feel unique and they are more likely to remember the night with fondness and look forward to the next party you host. They may even return the favour and host an equally entertaining and personalised night themselves in the future, thanks to your originality.

If you are planning on popping the question to that special person in your life, or you simply want to treat your nearest and dearest, why not start the night off in style by purchasing a personalised gift of champagne, chocolates and flutes? The personal touch and the bubbles can be the best way to set the night off in a romantic mood. If you’re planning a Christmas party, why not try out a personalised Christmas pudding or a whisky cake to finish the night off in style?

When everyone has finished eating, the party can continue with some after dinner games such as murder mystery or memory games. Or why not open up another bottle or two and keep the drink flowing and the party going.

Whichever option you decide to choose, personalised wine gifts are sure to make your guests feel special and cared for, and they will make sure that the evening lives in the memory far longer than the average dinner party.

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