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Diet control: healthy eating is essential for a good lifestyle

Simple lifestyle changes help men live longer and healthier lives 

Last year, the Office for National Statistics reported that the life expectancy at birth for males in Northern Ireland had declined by 0.1 years - the 2014-16 figure dropped from 78.5 years to 78.4 years for 2015-17. The big killers are: circulatory diseases including strokes and heart attacks, cancer in its various forms and respiratory diseases such as COPD. All these conditions are influenced by lifestyle choices, which can delay onset and reduce the impact on healthy living.

Rocking out: Ciaran Gribbin

Me and my health: Former INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin on his lifestyle 

The former INXS singer (42), also known as Joe Echo, is a self-employed musician and Grammy-nominated songwriter who runs global events business Rock and Roll Team Building. As well as touring the world with INXS, he has also worked with artists such as Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, Snow Patrol and Al Pacino. Originally from Castledawson and now living in Australia, he is married to Donna (37) and they have one son, James (7).

Looking ahead: years after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, writer Sinead Moriarty says she now has her life back following radical treatment

'After I was told I had rheumatoid arthritis I lost myself for a few years. I hated not being able to go for a walk with my kids' 

In May 2015 my Dad dropped dead of a heart attack on holidays in Spain. My siblings and I flew out to be with Mum and help organise getting the body flown home. As I went to bed that first night in Spain, I noticed that my left knee had blown up. I thought it was air pressure on the plane or maybe I'd twisted it. I had a lot of other things on my mind, so I ignored it.

Changed days: epilepsy sufferer Jenny McEntegart has seen her life transformed thanks to an operation

'My seizures were so unpredictable I spent a decade unable to lock a door. A shower or just making a cup of tea had become risks' 

For the first time in a decade my life can qualify as normal. If I wish to go shopping with a friend, I can. If I want a cup of tea, I simply make one - I don't need to wait for somebody to appear and help. At the cinema I do not have to be concerned that some parts may be dangerously loud, or to ensure I arrive long before others, so to safely secure a seat which would not be too far up the steps.

Caprice has a range of homewares with Dunelm

Caprice: 'I promised if I survived my brain tumour op I would change my lifestyle... and I have' 

Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Caprice Bourret seemingly had the world at her feet - until, in 2017, in a shattering blow she discovered she had a brain tumour. The mother-of-two (she and her partner, Ty Comfort, welcomed sons Jax and Jett three weeks apart in 2013 - one was carried by a surrogate, while Caprice discovered she was pregnant at the same time) was devastated to learn that the headaches she'd suffered while competing in Channel 4's reality winter sports show, The Jump, were being caused by a brain tumour.


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