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7 top tips for a better bum from Belfast trainer Alan Waterman

By Alan Waterman

There's no doubt about it, 2017 has been the year of the booty.

From Kim Kardashian to Jen Selter, these days Facebook and Instagram are covered with pictures of butts, booties and belfies.

It's the new big thing in fitness - everyone and their Nan wants a bigger, better bum.

So, with Summer just around the corner, here are my top training tips to help you build up a pair of glutes to really fill out those bikini bottoms or board shorts...

1. Lift weights to help them shape up

Spin classes and jogging won't do much for building buns to be proud of, you have to start shifting some weights to help them grow.

Weight-training is essential for muscle growth, which adds to and improves the shape to a bodypart. Barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises should become your new go-to choices for effective glute training.

2. Choose the right exercises for next-level glute development

It's long been said that squats are the best exercise for building a butt, and while they are effective, the Barbell Glute Bridge and Hip Thrust are the kings of booty building.

Including these along with other glute-dominant exercises such as Romanian Deadlifts, Cable Pullthroughs and Back Extensions will hit the glutes harder than you ever thought possible.

3. Train them several times per week - and train them hard!

The glutes are a tough muscle group, and can be trained multiple times per week, but train them smart by covering all the bases which will help with muscle growth (think low, medium, and high reps).

  • Monday: Barbell Hip Trust, 3 sets of 5 reps
  • Wednesday: Barbell Glute Bridge, 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Friday: Banded Glute Bridges, 3 sets of 25 reps

4. Make sure to squeeze, then squeeze some more

I'll be honest, training your butt is going to hurt, but it's easy to get carried away and let ego start to take over when selecting your weights.

Ensure the glutes are getting properly targeted by choosing weights which you find challenging, but aren't so heavy that you can't feel the glutes contracting. If you're losing that 'squeeze' you might just be going a little too heavy.

5. Attack them from all angles

Many associate the glutes with only the muscles round your backside, but they cover a large surface which extends right round the side of the hips.

To really make your glutes 'pop' and create an all-round shape, make sure to hit these muscles by including glute abductions, side lunges, and lateral walks in your training.

6. Eat to grow

We can't build something out of nothing - if you want those buns to grow, you have to eat like you mean it.

For a rough figure of how much you need, multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 14-16 and aim for a minimum of 0.8-1g per lb of bodyweight in protein (e.g. a 140lb woman should aim for at least 112g of protein daily.)

7. Stay loose!

Long hours of sitting at your desk in work can start to tighten up your hips and thighs, which makes your glutes become lazy and inactive.

A switched-off behind won't want to grow, so help them keep switched on by making sure to stretch the hips and thighs for 20-30 seconds several times daily.

  • Want to know more? Make sure to check out my Facebook page, where I will be rolling out a glute training series over the next number of weeks.

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