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Ergoflex 5G mattress: The key to a good night's slumber

Liz Connor unpacks Ergoflex's new 5G mattress to see if it can soothe her aches and pains

Sleep tight: the new Ergoflex 5G
Sleep tight: the new Ergoflex 5G

Even after following up exercise with an ice-cold shower, a session of foam rolling and a magnesium salt bath, I still often find myself struggling to drift off to sleep later that night.

So when a new type of mattress claimed it could help soothe aches and pains while delivering a better night's sleep, I was curious to see whether ditching my springs could help the situation.

What is it?

The Ergoflex's 5G is made out of something called 'visco-elastic memory foam' - a type of spongy material invented by NASA to use in space shuttle seats.

The idea is that the 9cm foam layer in the Ergoflex 5G absorbs more pressure and offers better support to your spine.

Its USP is that it 'remembers' your body shape, and over time, it adapts to the contours of your figure and your sleeping style.

The 5G has a specially-designed 'Cool-Sleep' layer and a breathable outer cover that avoids heat retention.

Does it actually improve sleep?

This mattress cradles the body at night, allowing more of your back to hit the surface of the bed, which health experts say is good for reducing the pressure on your shoulders and hips.

One of the best things about is that when there's two people in the bed, the pressure-relieving composition means that you don't feel any of the weight and dips from the other person.

The visco-elastic foam has a bit of a distinct odour that was unpleasant at first, but it dissipated after a night's sleep and being exposed to air.

I found that I drifted off more easily and felt less shoulder pain the morning after. The breathable material also stopped me from getting hot and sweaty.

At £599 for a double mattress, it's not the cheapest addition to your bedroom. But considering you spend a third of your life in bed, I'd argue it's worth it if you're serious about your slumber.

Ergoflex mattresses start at £359. Visit for more information

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