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Honey, vitamin D and krill oil ... how the celebs stay healthy in winter


Tiffany Brien

Tiffany Brien

Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan


Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton



Tiffany Brien

Cold weather and the festive round of parties can leave you feeling poorly but, as Gabrielle Fagan and Kerry McKittrick find out, the stars have their own feelgood survival strategies.


Tiffany (24) is a former Miss Northern Ireland and now has a health and fitness blog called Peanut Butter Girl. She lives in Belfast

"I've been lucky in terms of health with no significant injuries. The worst thing I get is really tired because I do too much. I focus on my diet a lot - I think that to stay healthy you need to work from the inside out."

TOP TIP: "For me sleep is everything. If you're busy then you need to give your body a chance to recuperate."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Keeping a balance so I can go through 2015 stress-free and healthy, but also allowing myself a treat every now and then."

HAPPY FACTOR: "I like having goals either for my blog or my day job as an estate agent."

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Michael (24) is a middle distance runner and has won gold medals in the Paralympics in Beijing and London. He lives in Glengormley

"I have to be health conscious because of my running. In the winter I stay warm and wear a lot of layers when I'm out and about to avoid bugs. Since my winter training has started, though, I've had two chest infections in a month. Whenever you're in full-time training the antibiotics don't work so it means you have to take a couple of days off each time so they can do their job. It means you're not on your normal schedule and not getting fitter."

TOP TIP: "A spoonful of honey, morning and night. I was told that it's anti-bacterial and keeps microbes away from your throat. It's worked for me as I haven't had chest infections since I started taking it."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Drink more water. I only drink about a litre and a half every day which isn't enough when I'm training. I've always struggled with water, but I want to get up to two- and-a-half or three litres a day."

HAPPY FACTOR: "Looking forward to seeing my niece or nephew being born and seeing them grow up."


Gabby (41) is a TV and sport presenter

"Winter's challenging because when it's dark and cold outside, all you want to do is stay home and comfort eat! I'm very conscious of staying fit so I can juggle all my commitments - work and family - so I try to stick to a routine throughout the year incorporating at least an hour's exercise every day. I like cycling outdoors, but if the weather's too bad I go on the cross-trainer.

TOP TIP: "I do a workout early so it's out of the way; it gives me energy for the day. It's so much part of my life that I feel odd if I don't do it."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Making more time for a run, golf, or reading will help me relax and re-focus."

HAPPY FACTOR: "A good work/life balance is key, so remembering that while goals and work are important, spending time and having fun with family and my nine-year-old twins, Reuben and Lois, is vital for my happiness."

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Victoria (34) is an Olympic gold medal winning track cyclist

"In the winter, I'm very aware of keeping my immune system healthy, so I ensure I eat vitamin-enriched foods, take multi-vitamins and fish oil supplements.

"I've kitted out the garage at home as a gym so I can work out there whatever the weather, although after years as a competitive athlete, it doesn't bother me if I get cold and wet training outdoors.

"Every morning, I do a three kilometre power walk with my dogs, followed by a 40-minute run, or a workout on my Pilates Reformer machine. On my Christmas list is a punch bag so I can do some boxing!"

TOP TIPS: "Use a hand sanitiser gel so you avoid picking up germs. I'm a fan of natural remedies and have never taken any over-the-counter remedy for colds. I rely on rest and a remedy of a hot drink made with water, a dollop of Manuka honey and a squirt of lemon."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "To take courses in yoga and pilates because they're so good for mental as well as physical wellbeing, and to take my final exam so I'm a qualified personal trainer."

HAPPY FACTOR: "I'm very content, but want to work out which direction to follow, so I have the most impact. I love so many things, from personal training to TV and writing work, as well as my cycling interests, so it's hard to choose."

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Rebecca (27) is the co-host of the Cool FM breakfast show each weekday morning. She lives in Belfast

"I'm always aware of my health because it affects everything - more so now I'm working on the breakfast show because the hours are so anti-social and I'm getting up so early. All that can have an effect on your skin so you need to eat right and get enough sleep."

TOP TIP: "Drinking a lot of water is something I didn't do before but once you start doing so, it makes a difference. Even my hair and skin look better."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "I want to get into a personal training routine - not that I want to lose weight but I do want to feel better. I'll work out better with someone challenging me."

HAPPY FACTOR: "I believe in positive thinking and laughing as much as I can and I do both on the breakfast show.


Joanna Rowsell (26) is an Olympic and world champion cyclist

"Winter doesn't always mean rain and wind; sometimes we have beautiful crisp days filled with sunshine so make the most of them by getting outdoors. I love going out for a bike ride.

"It's a busy time of year and the excuse can be exercise takes 'too long'. But I often do high-intensity interval training on an indoor bike by cycling for 30 seconds flat out followed by 30 seconds recovery time. With five reps of this preceded by a 10-minute warm-up and followed by a 10-minute warm down, you can do a great session in just 25 minutes.

"Short hard workouts are often easier to motivate yourself to do than a lengthy exercise regime. You can do similar things on a treadmill or by doing different types of functional moves like burpees followed by mountain climbers to mix things up. There are lots of apps that give you some more ideas."

TOP TIP: "Make sure that you schedule in exercise, even if it's just for half an hour, at least three times a week and stick to it like you would any other appointment. On the days when you don't do any exercise, take a brisk walk during a lunch break."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Even as a professional athlete, there are always days when the weather's bad and I'd prefer to stay in bed, but I always remind myself of the long-term goal."

HAPPY FACTOR: "I'm planning my wedding to my fiance, Dan Shand, so it'll be a busy year."

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Jennie (64) is a TV presenter and ex-BBC Royal correspondent

"Summer and winter, my daily routine in the morning is putting on my favourite music and doing just 10 minutes exercise - a mix of pilates and strength work. I'd never go to a gym - far too boring. I work on the "use it or lose it" principal - unless you make a bit of effort to keep supple and flexible, it's all too easy to seize up as you get older.

"This year I amazed myself by taking up running and enjoying it. I now run - slowly but steadily - a couple of times a week and have even done a 10-km run."

TOP TIP: "I get through a large carton of red grapes every day and I'm convinced they help keep me healthy. I was once told by a doctor that there's something under the skin of red grapes which is protective. I also take an Omega-3 fish oil supplement and have oily fish twice a week. It seems to work because I'm 64 and ridiculously healthy."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Taking up weekly swimming despite the fact I hate what it does to my hair!"

HAPPY FACTOR: "We've had a sad year with a death and illness in the family, so better health for everyone is all I hope for. We had to cancel holidays because of all the problems, so I'm looking forward to several trips to exotic, hot places with my husband."

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Jodie Kidd (36) - Model and TV personality

"Winter is a tricky time for health. I'm a great believer in healthy juices made from raw vegetables to improve vitamin intake and help the body fight off bugs.

"Keeping the body as alkaline as possible is key, so it's better able to resist illness. Our diet at home includes lots of vegetables and wholegrains rather than processed foods, and we take HoneyGar, a blend of cider vinegar and honey. It all helps to put less stress on the body - important at busy and sometimes fraught times such as Christmas."

TOP TIP: "If I feel under the weather, I take Propolis, a compound produced by bees to help boost the immune system. I also swear by a daily booster dose of vitamin C, in a preparation, Emergen-C."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Every new year, I make and break a promise to myself to go to the gym! So I'll aim to just keep on with my normal health regime."

HAPPINESS FACTOR: "Life's wonderful already - I got married in the summer and my son, Indio (3), is a constant joy. I want to keep working at balancing my life and enjoying work and family."

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Melanie (40) - singer, songwriter and formerly 'Sporty Spice' member of the Spice Girls

"This year I've been plagued by small, niggly injuries which have stopped me taking part in triathlons which I really enjoy. So this winter I'm taking it easy so I'm fighting fit for next year.

"As a single mother it's important I stay healthy as I have a busy life working and looking after my daughter, Scarlet (5). I'm interested in healthy eating anyway. Vegetable soups are my speciality, which we both love, and I include as many superfoods into our daily diet as possible. I'm keen to show Scarlet from an early age that healthy foods are tasty and I let her help me cook."

TOP TIP: "Lack of sunshine can leave us deficient in vitamin D. If you feel particularly tired or lacking energy, it's worth asking a doctor to test you to see if you need a supplement."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "Eating only vegetarian foods three days a week."

HAPPY FACTOR: "Watching my daughter grow up and writing songs for my new album, due out next year."

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Denise Watson (42) is a sports journalist and presenter. She lives in Lisburn with her husband David Scott and their children Sam (9) and Beth (5)

"I have a torn ligament in my left knee and at my age I now find my joints aren't so easy to sort out as they used to be. I've taken up rowing instead of running which takes a lot of stress off the knee.

I'm certainly conscious of my health and as I get older I realise I need to be wiser than I have been. Prevention is important so I try not to eat bad stuff."

TOP TIP: "I'm not very good at taking vitamins but do try to get as many as possible from fruit and veg. We have a juicer now which is a great way to do it."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "I'd like to be able to comfortably do a 10K. I did one last year and I didn't train enough so I didn't enjoy the last two kilometres. I want to get to a point where I've done the best I can."

HAPPY FACTOR: "That's my girls because I enjoy them so much. They're getting into sport - Sam is quite competitive. I'm very proud of them - as long as they're happy we're happy."


Jenny (36) is a singer, dancer and TV presenter and former member of girl band, Atomic Kitten

"I live in Ibiza, so we don't have the severe cold of the UK, which means it's easier to be outside all year round and enjoy walks and the beach. In a way, it's more relaxing (in winter) as I don't have to worry about the children burning in the sun.

"At this time of year, I make sure we all eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. I'm also converted to the benefits of an alkaline diet and an hour before every meal, I take half a teaspoon of bicarbonate in a glass of water, as it can neutralise acid in the stomach."

TOP TIP: "Using garlic in recipes can ward off colds and flu as it benefits the immune system."

2015 HEALTH RESOLUTION: "To have an annual health MOT and carry on with pilates, which has really made me fitter and slimmer."

HAPPY FACTOR: "I'm blessed with a spectacular husband, Vicente, my son, Caspar (7) and our twins, Blake and Nico (3), so I couldn't be any happier."

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