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How to keep the allergens from ruining your day

From pollen to dust mites, Abi Jackson reveals the allergy triggers to look out for...


Tough time: pollen can be a trigger

Tough time: pollen can be a trigger

Tough time: pollen can be a trigger

Summertime isn't good news for everyone, especially those with allergies and asthma that are triggered by things like pollen.

Here's what to watch out for at home to stay healthy...

Pollen can come in through open windows

"Pollen can be brought into the home by a variety of modes. A common cause is coming in through open windows, which are often opened early in the morning and/or evening, when pollen counts are highest.

"This means pollen can enter rooms and provide a constant stream of aeroallergens (substances that are breathed in that cause a problem to the allergic individual)," says Allergy UK nurse adviser, Holly Shaw.

Drying laundry outdoors can also be an issue

While the chance to dry clothes outdoors during the warmer months is a welcome relief, this can also be a pollen trap.

"Pollen can be transferred into the home on laundry that's been aired outside," notes Shaw.

"In addition, pollen can also be transferred on people (on their clothes, skin and hair) and domestic pets."

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In other words, people and pets can traipse allergens like pollen inside.

Dust mites thrive in warm conditions

Dust mites are among the "most common indoor air allergens", Shaw points out, and they "thrive in warm, humid environments".

Dust mites in the home are most often found in soft furnishings like carpets, bedding, curtains and cushions.

What can you do about it?

Keep windows closed and don't dry laundry outside during high pollen times, and shower when you return from outside.

Meanwhile, damp dusting and vacuuming at home will help control dust mites.

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