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'If Kate wants to get in contact with me about her extreme morning sickness, I would gladly help her... my door is always open'


Leona O'Neill

Fermanagh mum-of-three Kathy Watters suffered the heartache of losing a baby and, when she became pregnant again, the misery of extreme morning sickness like the Duchess of Cambridge ... then she discovered a way of self-healing that she wants to share with others.

When Fermanagh mother-of-three Kathy Watters suffered a miscarriage while expecting her much longed-for second child, she knew she had to do everything in her power to recover for her oldest daughter.

And, as the devastated 36-year-old social worker from Maguiresbridge navigated her way through the darkness of those days, she stumbled across an innovative alternative therapy that she now uses to help others overcome traumatic events in their lives.

"I lost a baby in 2014," says Kathy, who has three daughters with husband Stephen - Lara (4), Bella (2) and Fia (1).

"I was almost 12 weeks pregnant. It was early on, but it still did have a huge impact on me.

"At that point in my life, I had worked through quite a lot of big challenges - childhood trauma, things I thought I would never overcome - and life was really good. I was on a roll.

"I was practising the mindset and the work that I now teach to other people and then I had the miscarriage. My loss gave me the opportunity to look deeper within myself.

"I knew that I had to do everything in my power to recover - not only for me, but for our eldest daughter, Lara.

"Very quickly, when dealing with my own grief, I realised that I had more inner work to do in terms of confronting and dealing with my own childhood trauma. I have had spiritual experiences since I was a child, but I didn't know how to make sense of them."

She adds: "For me, the loss of our baby enabled me to go deeper within myself and made me realise that life is too precious to hide behind our own fears any longer. It was a realisation that it was time to be true to me and embrace who I really was.

"Within weeks, I discovered Bio-Energy Healing and knew that this was what I was meant to do. I went on a series of courses and retreats just for myself and my own healing. I signed up for it and started training straight away. I just felt it was something I needed to do."

Bio-Energy Healing is a form of healing that has been practiced in most cultures for thousands of years. It comes under the heading of alternative healing and it originates in the most natural form of healing: our own energy.

Not only did her experience with Bio-Energy help Kathy heal, it helped with her extreme morning sickness when she fell pregnant again.

"After the loss, I fell pregnant again very quickly," she says. "Throughout my first pregnancy, with Lara, I was very sick. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, extreme morning sickness, the same as the Duchess of Cambridge, and was in and out of hospital.

"Anyone who has suffered from this will try anything to feel better. If Kate wants to get in contact with me, I would gladly help her. My door is always open. It worked for me and I'd hope it would work for her, too.

"When I fell pregnant again, with Bella, the sickness started to come back - it was there day and daily. Through Bio-Energy training, in about the fifth month, we were practising on each other, because that's how you learn. I felt the same sensation as I did when I gave birth to my first child. In that moment, I felt the sickness nearly being sucked out of me, leaving me instantly wanting a coffee and wanting food. I hadn't wanted to eat or drink anything for months.

"I remember having that sensation and thinking 'It has left me'. And from that evening and for the rest my pregnancy, I was able to eat again, the sickness had left.

"In my third pregnancy, with Fia, I didn't have any symptoms at all."

Kathy says that she has experienced "little miracles" when working with people.

Expectant mum: the Duchess of Cambridge

"I had to have people to practise on to get certified," she says. "Most people, who were outside of my family circle, started realising that the benefits they were having to on a wide range of ailments - fibromyaligia, ME, IBS, migraines - and I was astonished at them completely recovering from things they had suffered with for 20 years.

"It's a hands-off process. It involves me connecting with a person's energy system. I do that really by a system of hand movements around the body. If you were to watch me, it's very similar to tai chi. I'm connecting with them intuitively and I am able to pick up things and also sense from the feeling in my hands and the connecting energy where there may be energy blockages in a person's system.

"I help move the blockages again with my hands and talking to the body. I help the energy flow as it should do and bring balance to the system. The understanding is that there is a mind and body connection and before any physical illness manifests itself in the body, it is first sparked in the energy field.

"The idea is that you can release that and it may never even manifest itself in a person. It really is the person who is healing themselves, their own body doing the work. I'm just assisting."

Kathy realises that for some, thinking beyond the realms of traditional medicine can be a tough journey to make, but she says she has had results, even in initial non-believers.

"Sometimes, people come to me who don't necessarily believe," she says. "They have just become so desperate and may have tried other things, tablets, doctors, or whatever. It doesn't matter; you don't have to believe.

"I generally find that it works, anyway. I don't claim that I can heal everyone. I never would. I'm just assisting the body's own healing systems. However, for those who are more open, I tend to see results much quicker.

"For me, any type of progress is a miracle. A miracle could be that someone can sleep better, or be able to eat again. There was one girl I was working with who had physical disabilities and limited mobility. She was going for surgery and didn't require it after self-healing."

Kathy says that the healing has had a profound impact on her life and wants to share it with others.

Family time: Kathy with her husband Stephen and their daughters (Pictured by Adrian Morrisson)

"I've found something that I love doing," she says. "So many people are searching for ways to heal and find a way to work through trauma, or very challenging life experiences. I was one of those people searching and I know how draining and painful a place that can be.

"But change is possible - no matter what your experiences have been up until now - and I want to share with others who are struggling what has worked for me. I set up this business to help others heal from trauma and setbacks in life and empower them to transform their lives based on what has helped me.

"I love doing what I do now - it's similar to social work, in that I am still helping and empowering people, but in a different way."

Kathy will be appearing at the Body Mind Soul - Health, Well-Being and Natural Therapies Expo at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Shaw's Bridge, Belfast on Sunday, September 17. Visit

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