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Joe Wicks can't stand tinned tuna becasue 'it's cat food!'

The Lean In 15 legend Joe Wicks explains to Ella Walker why canned fish is a no-no


Fit foodie: Joe Wicks

Fit foodie: Joe Wicks


Fit foodie: Joe Wicks

It's the new year, so no doubt you'll be thinking about getting in shape. And if there's one man you can rely for help on that front, it's The Body Coach, aka Joe Wicks.

The cheeky chappie doesn't scrimp and suffer on dull diets, though, he's all about flavour, protein and fuelling his body.

We caught up with the cookbook and Instagram sensation to grill him on the truly important stuff.

Your ultimate death-row, last-night-on-earth meal, would be ...

Mushroom arancini balls, a massive burger and chips with mac and cheese, and my dessert would be a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.

The thing you still can't cook is ...

I struggle with poached eggs. I really wanna have them proper - like the ones in my book that the food stylist's done. I can't make them stick together, I just want them to sit like that, like when you go into a really nice cafe and they get them just perfect.

Your favourite store cupboard essential has to be ...

Coconut milk, because it's so good for making curries and adding to oats and smoothies.

The kitchen utensil you can't live without is ...

A wok! Definitely a wok, because I do all my curries and stir fries in them - I do everything in a wok. I just throw a bit of coconut oil in there and that's it.

Your favourite childhood dinner was always ...

Toad-in-the hole, my nan used to make it.

For dinner last night you ate ...

Chicken thighs with some grilled halloumi cheese, and a big salad with avocado. It was lovely.

Your takeaway of choice is ...

I don't get takeout, I'd probably go for a Gourmet Burger Kitchen or a Nando's.

And you really can't stomach ...

Tinned tuna - it stinks. I can eat tuna steak all day, but tinned mackerel and tuna?! It's cat food.

Cooking For Family And Friends by Joe Wicks is published in hardback by Bluebird, £20. Available now

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