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Keeping control of your own mind

By Joseph Pond

When people find out what I do for a living they sometimes ask me about mind control. People even ask me jokingly if I can make their wives or husbands do more housework.

As a person who's spent the last 30 years or so studying how the mind works, I too am interested in mind control. One can easily find examples of hypnotic language patterns hidden in advertising or political speeches.

For instance, it's common to hear covert commands hidden within the framework of a sentence. A soft drink commercial may have a voice-over saying, "You don't have to drink this to feel sexy..." In this case the italicised words are commands which the conscious mind tends not to register as instructions because they are fragments in a longer sentence.

However, since we all know that advertising exists for the sole purpose of persuading us to buy, most of us aren't surprised to learn that these things can be sneaky. The area of mind control that I'm most interested in is the least exciting, least conspiratorial of them all. I tell people when I'm asked that nobody can control you if you learn first to control yourself.

The hidden persuaders prey upon emotional vulnerabilities and self-limiting beliefs. It therefore stands to reason that it is wise to develop a friendly relationship with your emotions while at the same time exploring your beliefs in order to root out any which are not serving you. It also helps if you have goals in life because if you're not focused it's much easier to get knocked off the path.

How do you take back control from the people who constantly give us conflicting messages? Well, one way is through mindfulness. Practicing for about 20 minutes daily will give you greater emotional control. You'll learn it's not bad to be sad or mad, it's just a reminder that what you're doing isn't working and to try something else. You'll learn focus. You'll develop metacognition of the structure of beliefs themselves.

And, no, before you ask, I can't make your husband do the laundry.

Joseph Pond is a clinical hypnotherapist, an acupuncturist, and a mindfulness instructor. He is co-founder of Hypnosis Explorers NI and conducts workshops in hypnosis with PowerTrance.Reach him at or at Hypnosis/ ?ref=hl/?ref=hl

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