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Q&A: Sports nutritionist and entrepreneur Phil Graham

From counting calories to coming up with tasty but healthy recipes and from staying motivated to work out to avoiding faddy trends, reaching your health and fitness goals can be a total minefield.

In an attempt to figure it all out, we caught up with, Phil Graham, fitness entrepreneur and sports nutritionist.

How did you get into fitness?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16 years old and from that moment onwards, I dedicated my life to understanding all I could about diet, exercise, lifestyle and personal development – areas that can significantly impact diabetes control.

What motivates you?

I really enjoy seeing other people win and reach their own personal goals.

What are your top tips for sticking to fitness goals, particularly for those new to fitness?

1. Hire a professional coach with a proven track record for getting results. This will guide you and keep you focused until you can go it alone.

2. Modify your environment to support your goals.

3. Share your wins.

What are the fitness trends you hate?

This mindset of, 'no pain no gain' is not sustainable for every day members of the public who simply want to look better and have a social life at the same time. Fitness and healthy eating should complement your life rather than complicate it.

What are the fitness trends you rate?

Not so much trends but a proven model, my approach would be to keep active, monitor your food portions and get enough sleep.

What’s a typical day of eating for you?

Morning: salmon with avocado and two slices of sourdough with an espresso

Mid-morning snack: an apple

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with asparagus and a handful of almonds and blueberries

Afternoon snack: low-fat Greek yoghurt

Dinner: lean beef burger with salad and sweet potato fries.

Pre-bed: glass of red wine with some low-calorie popcorn and some grapes.

thumbnail_Barry 2.png

Phil, who is an ambassador with Kerrigan’s Foods for Fitness - an online order service offering a selection of premium lean meats, says meal prepping is also one proven way of increasing your chances of success.

The fake out range offers healthy, low-calorie variations on our favourite takeaway meals such as the spice bag, taco fries, kebab, with all options gluten free, dairy free and wheat free.

Managing director, Barry Kerrigan said: “I was at the beginning of a new fitness journey myself and soon realised that meal prepping and that eating well, while eating enough, can be tricky to get right. With food central to fuelling our fitness goals, I wanted to make it easier for people – especially those new to fitness or those who don’t have much time.

“We know that everyone needs a treat or a night off – we all get cravings after all! Our fake out range is designed with this in mind but keeps us out of the chipper so we can satisfy the craving, without the guilt."

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