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Revealed: the calorie count of our favourite Easter eggs — and how to work it off


Eggs and other Easter chocolates on display (Andrew Beer/PA)

Eggs and other Easter chocolates on display (Andrew Beer/PA)

Eggs and other Easter chocolates on display (Andrew Beer/PA)

Many of us love a bit of chocolate over the holidays, but trying to work off the egg-cess can leave us feeling guilty for eating too much.

Shops have whole aisles dedicated to our favourite Easter treats, with brands such as Mini Eggs, Twix, KitKat and Galaxy all making appearances.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying chocolate in moderation, overindulging is rarely a good idea.

The best way to get back on track is by getting those daily steps in, watching what you eat and keeping yourself active.

Vital Nutrition’s Jane McClenaghan said people could enjoy treats over the holidays without going overboard.


Nutrition expert Jane McClenaghan

Nutrition expert Jane McClenaghan

Nutrition expert Jane McClenaghan

"Whenever you’re buying your Easter eggs, buy smaller ones. Don’t go for the massive luxurious ones. That means you’re not going to be tempted to eat as much," she added.

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"If you can find Easter eggs that are 70% cocoa... the higher the cocoa content, the less sugar you’re going to have in it. There’ll also be more antioxidants there. It’s nearly like having something healthy."

She also urged people against beating themselves up if they did give in to temptation and said there was plenty of room in diets for an occasional treat.

If you do go overboard, it’s important to get back to your normal habits the following week.

And with many children off school for the Easter holidays, now is the perfect time to get them cooking.

"Anything that gets children connected to food and growing is great and Easter is traditionally the time of the year when people start to grow their own food," said Jane.

"It’s a good thing to do with kids and a fun thing to do.

"Getting kids into the kitchen and doing something with eggs would be good.

"You could make omelettes or egg-fried rice, or even get them baking."

Nicola Rea, who owns the Think Fit gym on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, tells her clients to never punish themselves for enjoying a treat and to avoid using exercise as a punishment.

"I would always say to go out for an extra walk or have an extra training session," she said.

"You know you’ve burned off a little bit more calories that day than you would have normally."


Nicola Rea of Think Fit gym

Nicola Rea of Think Fit gym

Nicola Rea of Think Fit gym

While gyms are currently closed because of lockdown, Nicola urged people to get active at home or outside.

"You can do high-intensity interval training indoors, or if you have a couple of steps in your garden, you can do a decent leg workout," she said.

"There’s loads of stuff online. People could always do an online session with us or any other provider of online home workouts.

"Gardening and housework burn a lot of calories — way more than you would think.

"We have been doing a lot of that recently to burn more calories and it’s been brilliant."

Five ways to shift your Egg-cess weight...

1. Keep the portions low

The best way to avoid eating too much chocolate over Easter is by keeping an eye on your intake. Each Easter egg lists how many calories are in a single portion.

2. Walking

With better weather starting to appear, getting outdoors for a walk can help. Generally, a person burns 360 calories through an hour of walking.

3. Running

For those who find walking too mundane, running a single mile can burn 100 calories. If you run six miles in an hour, you’ve burned off a Mars Easter egg.

4. Weights

Gyms are closed but many people have bought weights to keep in shape. In a 30-minute session, you can burn 130 calories.

5. Gardening

The Easter holidays are a great time to get the garden in shape for the summer. Pulling weeds, planting flowers and mowing the lawn can burn 200 to 400 calories per hour.

The calorie count in some of our favourite Easter eggs — and what you’d have to do to burn it off

KitKat: 981 calories, 9.8-mile run

Cadbury’s Creme Egg: 534 calories, 5.3-mile run

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs: 537 calories, 5.4-mile run

Mars: 528 calories, 5.3-mile run

Twix: 924 calories, 9.2-mile run

Reese’s: 521 calories, 5.2-mile run

M&M’s: 924 calories, 9.2-mile run

Galaxy Truffles: 924 calories, 9.2-mile run

Maltesers White truffles: 924 calories, 9.2-mile run

Lindt White Chocolate: 565 calories, 5.7-mile run

*Calorie count based on an entire hollow chocolate egg

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