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Siobhan Kearney: ‘Not prioritising self-care is a trap I fall into’


Siohan Kearney

Siohan Kearney

Siohan Kearney

Siobhan Kearney is Life Coach and Wellbeing Trainer At One Wellbeing

Do you take regular exercise and if so, what?

I love walking and exploring and feeling connected to nature. I try to walk around four or five miles a day and the impact it has on me is just amazing. As a peri-menopausal woman I find it not only good for my physical health but so good for my mental health. I also enjoying kayaking and am a member of a local club based in Portglenone. It is one of the best things I have ever done as the friendships I have made have been incredible – when you’re nearly 50 making new friends seems unlikely, but I feel so lucky to have this great group in my life.

What is the worst illness you’ve had?

Probably the chicken pox. It happened at the very worst time – just as I was starting secondary school. Yes, they were painful and really uncomfortable – but not as uncomfortable as turning up on day one at a new school and meeting new people for the very first time. I suppose being 12 and covered in spots was never going to make me feel good!

How healthy is your diet?

It could be better. I used to drink lots of coffee but have managed to cut it way down to two cups a day and replaced the coffee cup with a glass of water. I have a hankering sometimes for peanuts and crisps, but make sure that they are not in the house otherwise I just eat them. I could do with adding more fruit into my diet, but otherwise it isn’t bad.

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Any bad habits?

Not prioritising self-care is a trap I fall into. I often push myself really hard and forget the impact is has on me. I have been burnt out before so I am very careful to do things I enjoy, connect with others who are good for my mental health, set really healthy boundaries and make sure that I have time to myself.

Do you drink and smoke/ if so how much?

I love a glass of red wine at the end of the week and sometimes end up having three! But it is all in balance as I find it exacerbates the menopausal symptoms I am having – hot flushes are much more intense if I am having wine. I gave up smoking a few years back.

Do you take any supplements?

I do take some supplements to manage the symptoms of the menopause – these are herbal and currently work for me. Its something I keep under review though as these work for me now but might not in the future.

How do you take time out?

I like to relax by watering my plants and dead heading flowers. I also paint Rocks of Kindness and leave these along my local path – they make me feel good when I am doing them and I always hope they will make those who read them feel good too.

How well do you sleep?

I sleep well although recently I’ve been doing the “quilt on, quilt off” dance. I use relaxation techniques at night to help me get off to sleep – but generally only hear the first few minutes and I’m asleep.

Do you worry about getting old?

No! I will worry about that when I am old and probably not even then. I am nearly 50 so things are changing for me. I only have one life and I am determined to enjoy it. Every day I find something to be grateful for and this keeps me focused on the good things. Worry is like a rocking chair – it keeps you moving but doesn’t get you anywhere. I keep off the rocking chair!

What is your go-to product that keeps you feeling healthy?

Water. When I am feeling tired, I find water really helps wake me up and keep me focused.

In September Siobhan will be raising awareness of the menopause as well as fundraising for the Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network charity. The fundraiser will encourage women to do something positive that helps with their menopausal symptoms. Check out THE MENOPAUSE ROOM group on Facebook

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