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Top tips to display royal arms just like bride-to-be Meghan

Personal trainer Fontaine Gordon says the look is quite easy to achieve. Here are her three key exercises for your to do at the gym. By Lauren Taylor

As the date for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding approaches, all eyes are on the new royal-to-be. She's started to gain confidence in showing off her fashion sense, her hair and make-up is always gorgeous, and, of course, she's in incredible shape. We have arm-envy in particular.

We know she does yoga and pilates to keep fit, which both help to build lean muscle and overall strength, but how else can we get defined arms like Meghan?

We enlisted the help of Fontaine Gordon, a private personal trainer and gym class host for Pure Gyms.

"We've all seen Meghan Markle's incredible arms, and no doubt she's putting extra work in, in advance of her big day," she says. "She's a well-known fan of yoga, which is great for creating defined and shapely arms, but you can also get this look with regular weight training at the gym.

"Many of my clients have recently asked to have toned arms like Meghan and it's actually not that difficult. This is because we don't tend to use our arm muscles often, so they tone very quickly when made to work."

Here are Gordon's exercises to get your arms royally ready...

1. The bicep curl

This exercise targets our biceps, which is the main muscle within our arms. Toned biceps help to create shape within the arm, just like Meghan's. Stand straight with a slight bend in the knee. Your chest should be up and your shoulders down and relaxed. Hold the bar shoulder width apart. Pull your bar up towards your chest and then back down to your thigh.

I like to use a slow tempo while doing these, so I count to three on the way up and three on the way down. Slowing the tempo creates 'the burn' and helps with muscle growth, giving the arms a defined look.

I'd recommend 12 repetitions for three sets.

The bicep curl

2. Tricep dips

This exercise is incredibly important for targeting the backs of our arms (our 'bingo wings'), which often go neglected during a workout. Start by sitting on a workout bench, placing your hands either side of your hips. Then bring your arms up to hold onto the bench and slide yourself off the bench, leaving your arms holding you up. Your hands should be shoulder width apart and your legs either extended or at a 90 degree angle in front of you.

Slowly lower yourself using your arms only. Go up and down.

I'd recommend eight to 12 repetitions and for three sets.

Tricep dips

3. Tricep extension

Again, this targets our bingo wings and is really important to get an all-over toned look. Lay on a bench holding a dumbbell with an extended arm. Use your free hand to support the extended one.

Bring the dumbbell slowly across your body to the opposite shoulder and then pull it back to the original position.

Repeat this for 12 repetitions on each side for three sets.

Tricep extension

I'd advise trying this workout two to three times a week. You'll see a difference in no time.

For more workout ideas and inspiration, follow Fontaine Gordon on Instagram @lunges_and_leggings

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