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Video: Love Island workout - beginner's guide

Belfast PT Alan Waterman demonstrates the best way to achieve that islander look

By Alan Waterman

Been glued to your television screens these past few weeks? Must mean Love Island's back on the box...

And we all know that, asides from all the drama, one of the biggest talking point about the show is the bodies and physiques of the islanders.

It's bikini and board-short season there year-round by the looks of it, and we've all probably already decided which one of the group we would give our right arm to look like.

So, whether it's biceps, bums, or a six-pack, everyone's going to want to know the best workout to help them get the shape they want...

Check out the seven exercises below, to find out everything you need to know about building your Love Island bod. Even better, its all backed by research- you'll not find a better selection of exercises than these!

Parallel squat

It's true what they say, the squat is pretty much the king of all exercises. You'll struggle to find a movement which engages just quite so many muscles in one go.

However, in terms of hitting our quad (thigh) muscles, the squat really is king - it'll build up legs to fill out those swimshorts in no time. The key is to make sure we don't cut short our depth, squatting until our thighs hit at least parallel to the floor (if not further)

You may have to go lighter in order to ensure you hit depth, but the pay-off will be worth it.


If the squat is the king of lower-body exercises, the chin-up is possibly the king of upper-body ones.

Not only will it help build and widen the upper-back into that ever-so-desired V-shape, it's going to give your core and arms exactly what they need too.

Believe it or not, the chin-up is also the best exercise for both abs and biceps, so ditch the endless sets of curls and crunches, and hit your upper back, core, and arms even harder with chin-ups instead.

Incline dumbbell bench press

Want to build up your chest to rock some solid pecs? The incline dumbbell bench press has you covered.

Rather than your traditional barbell bench press, the incline dumbbell version is a much better way to target the chest.

Oh, and even better, your triceps will also get an absolute hammering from it, helping to shape up those upper arms too. Talk about bang-for-your-buck.

Hip thrust

Want a booty for your bikini? Hip thrusts are EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

Hip thrusts are the ultimate glute-building exercise, whilst also being highly effective at targeting the thighs, alongside squats.

Don't sell yourself short with these - keep your pelvis "tucked" and your lower back flat throughout, to ensure maximum glute involvement. It's a sure-fire way to help you build a peach for the beach.

Band face-pull

We can't forget about broadening out those shoulders, can we? The band face-pull is a great choice for hammering the medial (middle) portion of the shoulder, from where we can build a lot of that desired width, as well as strengthening the posterior (back) side of them.

This makes the band face-pull a great way to help not only develop the shape of the shoulders, but also improve posture in order to really show them off.

Cable pullthrough

A great set of glutes wouldn't be much without some great hamstrings to back them up... Luckily, the cable pullthrough is a great exercise to hit them both.

Don't just spend your time hitting your hamstrings with machibe leg curls, it's going to take more than that to really build them up.


Sit-ups and crunches are old news, say hello to your new favourite ab exercise.

Although chin-ups will already hit the core hard, rollouts will help target them directly once again.

As with the hip thrusts, key is to keep the lower back flat to prevent any overarching - you'll feel the difference in tension in your abs.

Only descend as far as possible while maintaining your lower back positioning, and work on increasing it over time.

The Love Island Workout

  • Parallel squat; 3 x 6
  • Chin-up; 3 x 6
  • Incline dumbbell bench press; 3 x 6-8
  • Hip Thrust; 3 x 10
  • Band face-pull; 3 x 12
  • Cable pullthroughs; 3 x 12
  • Barbell rollouts; 3 x 8-10

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