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Heartened to see article on Cerebellar Ataxia

I was interested to read Adrian Rutherford's article (August 22) about Robert Craig who has Cerebellar Ataxia.

My 31-year-old son is one of the 289 people in Northern Ireland who suffer from this devastating condition.

He was diagnosed in 2004, and his physical abilities have deteriorated his whole adult life.

From being a normal teenager, he is now unable to walk and talk. He has constant double vision, and was recently fitted with a RIG tube to get his nutrition, as he can no longer eat and drink. He has other related difficulties, and like Robert, bears them bravely. I am heartened that your paper has given this little known condition some much-needed publicity. Most people are aware of Motor Neurone Disease and Muscular Sclerosis, but not of Ataxia. Anyone affected by it, can get advice from Ataxia UK. There is also a local support group in Northern Ireland.

Please continue to keep it in the spotlight, and encourage your readers to donate something to Ataxia UK, which needs funds for its research into a cure. International Ataxia Day is on September 25.

SCA Mother

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