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Hello boys, Eva knocks on my door

By Eddie McIlwaine

Remember Eva Herzigova and her Wonderbra? Of course you do. Well she is now aged 43, looking better than ever and still big in the modelling business.

"I could never give up," Eva declares, "I enjoy what I do too much."

She was born in the Czech Republic and has been a model since winning a beauty contest in Prague aged 16. She was the girl in the first Wonderbra campaign in 1994 and became a familiar face around the world.

The advert used only two words: "Hello boys".

In the spring of 1996 I was in Hamburg with the late Jim Aiken listening to Bon Jovi and meeting drummer Tico Torres whose girlfriend was the 22-year-old Miss Herzigova. I was in my hotel room phoning home when there was a knock. It was Eva and a couple of girlfriends of band members on their way downstairs just reminding me that dinner was about to be served.

"Who you talking to?" asked my wife on the phone. "The Wonderbra Girl," I replied. She doubts my story to this day ...

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