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10 must-see blooms at Belfast Rose Week, selected by park manager Stephen Quinn

George Best rose
George Best rose
McCartney's Rose
Lovely lady

Rose Week is a celebration of the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Rose Garden.

1. George Best rose

This low-growing and bushy shrub rose starts off as a dense dark green, before blossoming into a dark red rose bush in the summer, representing the former Manchester United player.

2. McCartney's Rose

This hybrid tea rose is the strongest smelling at the park, with sweet fragrances and rosy pink buds that mature into large blooms.

3. Lovely lady

Another hybrid tea rose (a rose that grows only one flower on each stem) this is a full pink flower that has a strong fruity fragrance.

4. Troika

The troika boasts a medium-sized coppery bloom with a sweet fragrance.

5. Fragrant Delight

The clue is in the name here - the fragrant delight is another of the strongest scented at the park. With copper and orange coloured blooms, it produces a well-balanced bush which lasts well in the wind and rain.

6. Absolutely Fabulous

A hugely popular rose at Lady Dixon Park, this one is perfect for those who love the colour yellow. It has butter yellow blooms, a repeat flowering habit and excellent disease resistance.

7. Souvenir de baden baden

Hailing from Germany, this pink and white coloured rose boasts a moderate fragrance and large full blooms.

8. Silver Shadow

A delicate hybrid tea rose with silvery lilac blooms and a delicious scent.

9. Elaine Paige

This impressive medium pink perfumed rose boasts over 25 petals and can grow up to 60cm in size.

10. Jacques Cartier

This is a delightful old-fashioned rose which bears large petals and has pale pink colouring with a strong rich fragrance.

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