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Anne Robinson Anne Robinson’s ex-husband John Penrose is selling his art gallery for a reported £1.1m.

The couple split in 2007 and the Weakest Link presenter described The Dollar Street Gallery as “a triumph of blood, sweat... and alimony” referring to the part of her fortune she paid to Mr Penrose on their breakup.

Penrose bought the old antiques shop in the Cotswold town of Cirencester which had four flats above which had been converted in the 1970s.

He then carried out a lavish refurbishment transforming them into a trendy pad more akin to something found in London. However, the stress of the improvements actually gave Mr Penrose a heart attack.

He said of the venture: “It was not strictly necessary for me to set up as a gallery owner, but I thought it would be fun and a bit of philanthropy towards the arts – and it was fun, until I had a heart attack.”

The four of five artists the gallery represents will now sell their works online.

Now, however, he is heeding his doctor’s advice to offload the gallery: “Had I been 10 years younger, it would have been wonderful.”

Mr Penrose says of his ex-wife: “She could not have been more supportive. We still see an awful lot of each other and she is my best customer at the gallery.”

Stephen Haines

Greetings card millionaire Stephen Haines’ £5m West Sussex mansion is up for sale. The palatial pad, which has amazing features such as a plunge pool and a £15,000 wooden staircase, will be quite a find for the right buyer, especially as Mr Haines hasn’t spent one night in it since it was built in 2000. The founder of the Carte Blanche greeting card empire moved to Guernsey where he lives with his family after falling in love with the lifestyle there.

“I love the quality of life there; the lack of crime and good schools,” he said.

Although it’s a 9,000 sq ft mansion now, the property was previously a 6,000 sq ft barn-style home.

He demolished the house and bought more land next door to accommodate a bigger abode.

Luxury: the new owner will enjoy amazing features

Emma Forbes

TV presenter Emma Forbes has turned to the flamboyant 50s to add bold colour to her Oxfordshire family home.

Emma, who also has a lifestyle website, has tirelessly scoured shops and websites for individual items for her home.

“I go on gut instinct when I buy,” she says. “I love to source everything and then mix it all up. I have an extraordinary love of art deco, particularly the eccentric side of it — if you want to find something, I’m the person to ask.

“My website is very much an extension of what I do in my everyday life as a working mum — I am trying to inspire people, rather than tell them how to live, so all of my suggestions are achievable.”

Emma Forbes goes with her gut instinct

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