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Cooking up colour in the kitchen

How to experiment with colour in your kitchen


As you the cold winter endures, your kitchen is the first part of your house to feel the bite. Bring some warmth back with bright coloured kitchen accessories and appliances

When you envisage an uber stylish, modern kitchen, you will more than likely picture glossy cupboards, stainless steel appliance and elegant marble countertops – the three key elements that are the essence of 21st century chic. Despite the fact that this combination is relatively sleek and austere, when used to build a family kitchen it could never be described as cold and impersonal. The kitchen is the hub of the home – everything happens here, from entertaining to cooking, and even homework! It is often the place where the family spend most of their time together, and for this - as well as being both a stylish and attractive room – it should reflects the family’s personality. What better way to do just that than with a splash of colour?

Whereas it is advisable to paint the walls a neutral shade, colour is best introduced in the form of a feature wall or accessories in bolder, brighter shades for a pop of colour. Look to the high street for inspiration; it is here where we’re seeing lots of really bright colours including lemon, red, and orange, which are being used for small appliances. Morphy Richards, for example, has a great range of state of the art kettles that come in a fantastic variety of colours and that are sure to match any style of kitchen.

With eye-catching accessories you’ll succeed in creating a more fun and friendly space for your family. Breakfast time need not be “just-another-meal” when tea is served using a bright, colourful kettle. As part of its Accents range, Morphy Richards also has matching toasters - the little ones will have heaps of fun seeing their breakfast being fired from a fire-engine red 4 slice toaster! Matching kettles and toasters are the ultimate accessory for a warm, inviting kitchen; however if you’re really feeling daring, why not mix and match?

Colour is usually injected into a room to make it more inviting and homely; the impact of an accent of colour is much more positive than an all-out explosion of vibrant colour. Getting the balance right is crucial; too much colour can make a kitchen feel chaotic and confined, which will in eradicate all sentiment of tranquillity and harmony that the most important room in your home should radiate. A touch of colour here-and-there can also had warmth and personality to your kitchen with breaking the bank. During these times of economic austerity, people are more inclined to update their kitchens with work top accessories and painted cupboards rather than with renovations.

In terms of trends for 2013, colour palettes are moving away from darker shades to more cheerful hues. As winter plods along, there’s no better time to get ahead and invest in some bright accessories for your kitchen – your mood will be lifted, and your kitchen refreshed just in time for Christmas. However grand or cosy your kitchen may be, you can have lots fun with colour this winter. Just assess how much space you have to work with, decide on how exactly you wish to express yourself, and finally, have some fun adding energy and warmth to your home.

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