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Get the look: Apply yourself with a touch of retro style

Retro-style has never been so fashionable.

From the arrival of what was then ‘modern’ design into our homes in the post-war ’40s then the ’50s to ’70s-chic currently revisiting some very trendy abodes today.

Thank goodness, though, that the noughties brought a relaxation in the notion of interior style.

Trends from different eras can mix and match, as well as different colours and finishes too.

While the ’60s where psychedelic and brightly coloured compared to the neutral and rather dreary browns and moss greens of the ’70s, the ’50s ushered in a time of iconic kitchen design to everything from coffee makers to cushions. There is an American feel to the ’50s style, which is when appliances really started to appear on the home front — items that promised to revolutionise our lives — everything from washing machines to dishwashers and toasters. Now, even though we are all very 21st century, you can still enjoy a bit of nostalgia with some very cool ’50s-inspired pieces.

And everyone is getting in on the act with M&S stocking some gorgeous kitchenware to laid-back sofas straight out of Mad Men.

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