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Mortgage Maze: An asset if selling bulgarian property

Dublin-based Appreciating Assets, which specialises in helping people sell property to investors from Russia and the former Soviet Union, is looking for property owners across Northern Ireland who bought in Bulgarian during the boom.

If people now want to sell their properties, or don’t know how to contact buyers, they are being asked to call Appreciating Assets, which has already found buyers for 70 properties since the beginning of the year.

Northern Ireland had a reputation as being a hotbed for overseas property during the boom, with a number of specialist property firms setting up in the region in order to sell apartments in countries like Bulgarian that were branded ‘emerging markets’. A great number of investors purchased property there, but few considered how they were going to sell their investments.

Dylan Cullen, founder of Appreciating Assets, said: “While the investment market for overseas property in Ireland is dead, the eastern economies are in very good health.

“We are seeing a strong flow of demand for properties in Sofia and on the Black Sea from investors in states that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, notably Russian, the Ukraine and Azerbaijan. These people are careful when they buy property, they don’t buy off-plan, but prefer new properties, which in countries like Bulgaria are mostly owned by the Irish and British.”

Anyone selling a Bulgarian property should contact Appreciating Assets via

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