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Special Agent: Michael’s Lifelong interest in property

Weekly focus on who's who in our local estate agents

Name Michael Rodgers

Age more than 40, but pre-bus pass!

Home Belmont in Belfast

Married with two children Natasha, 21, and James, 18

Who you work for? Rodgers & Browne Estate Agents

What brought you into the business?

As a young child my parents moved around a little with my father’s occupation, so I suppose I took an early interest in looking in looking at property, especially as it meant new surroundings, new schools and a new bedroom.

I also had an interest in reading property plans and the shadows that roof profiles cast.

Who has inspired you in the property world?

Denis Ginniff was an amazing man — he was the driving force in Brian Morton & Company before Eric Cairns and his partners expanded the business into the multi-branch network it became.

Mr Ginniff had an incredible eye for detail, for doing things ‘right’ and for anticipating what clients might need. He missed nothing he was so aware of opportunities and was equally open to new ideas. Eric Cairns was (and still is) in the same mould.

What do you have sitting on your desk?

Lots of paper, a computer, telephone, notes of things to do and people to contact.

Downtime is?

Rare! We are constantly helping clients along as best we can and looking for ways to help our business go from strength to strength. Traditional ‘opening hours’ simply don’t exist — we are available by email or mobile ALL the time. When I do get a chance, I like to play golf (although I don’t play as well as I would like to) and going to see my daughter and wife showing at horse shows.

Do you do lunch?

Only a sandwich at my desk — long lunches are something I have never been able to enjoy as I seldom have had the time (always clock watching).

What qualifications do you think are essential for estate agency?

The ability to LISTEN to what people want, to deliver on your promises, to have patience where necessary and to treat people fairly.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

An architect or designer.

If you could give it all up tomorrow, where in the world would you move to, and what would you do?

If I had the means to be able to do so, I would go to France, Spain, Italy, Portugal — have long lunches in the sun and play golf.

Any unfulfilled ambitions?

Plenty...but I would love to have had the talent to be a really good golfer.

What is the most common misconception people have about estate agents?

That they are ‘all the same’. I have met many, many people in my career and few of them have been the same but most have been very likeable.

For the most part agents do a really good job for clients — often under difficult and stressful circumstances.

Your top tip for house-hunters is:

Establish a relationship with an agent you trust and get them to help you.

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