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Tweed is making a comeback in our living rooms

By Trish Lorenz

The 'champagne of fabrics' is loved by fashion labels from Converse to Yves Saint Laurent.

What do Converse trainers, Prince Charles and Yves Saint Laurent have in common? They've all embraced a love of tweed this season. Well, HRH has always been a fan, but the rest are proof of how much of a fashion moment the so-called "heritage fabrics" are having.

Across menswear and womenswear, from traditional to cutting edge, fashion runways featured the homespun woollen vibe, with tweed, plaid and tartan all making an appearance.

And, of course, where fashion leads, interiors follow: this winter all the best-dressed homes will be sporting the 'champagne' of fabrics.

"Tweed is a very popular textile at the moment. It provides instant texture, so we have been using lots in cushions and throws, particularly in herringbone patterns, which are great for contemporary urban settings," says interior designer Alex Ashby of Brahm Interiors. Barry Gloyn of Linwood Fabrics agrees. "We're seeing a great resurgence of interest in tweed, but with updated colours and designs," he says.

How much you want to buy in to the trend is up to you. Go the whole hog with a geography teacher-inspired leather and tweed chair from Flemming and Howland or just nod to the fashion with a tweed cushion.


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