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Video: How to measure and fit flooring

Do you love doing DIY around the house, but have been put off when it comes to laying a new floor?

A lot of people think that getting a new floor is a real hassle; however this doesn’t have to be the case. If you get the right people to change your flooring for you, it couldn’t be simpler and you can drastically change the look of your room. The really important thing to do is to make sure you measure your room properly.

Buying new flooring is quite a big investment and you don’t want to waste your money by getting the dimensions of your room space wrong. You can do this yourself but it’s always a good idea to get an expert in. A good flooring company like Carpetright offers you a free estimation expert who will visit and measure your home and give advice on suitable products if you haven’t already chosen your flooring.

Watch our video with stylist Diana Civil where she gives her top tips on how to measure and fit your flooring.

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