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Just born: Cillian McGinley

Jenny Hutchinson and Connell McGinley with baby Cillian
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" title="Jenny Hutchinson and Connell McGinley with baby Cillian

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Jenny Hutchinson and Connell McGinley with baby Cillian

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By Victoria O'Hara

When baby Cillian arrived it was the “most unbelievable feeling ever” for first-time parents Jenny Hutchinson and Connell McGinley.

As soon as the 7lbs 8oz newborn was delivered at the Ulster Hospital at 7.17am on November 15, the couple felt as though they were on cloud nine.

Jenny (29), a health and social care tutor, had been in labour for around 20 hours when she finally became a mum.

Cradling him in her arms, she said the “brilliant” support from her partner and the midwifery team at the hospital helped her through.

“I have to say, I was pretty terrified, but everyone at the hospital was just wonderful,” she said.

The couple did not know if they were having a little girl or boy.

“When I came into hospital, I had to be induced. He didn’t want to come out, which is why everyone kept saying he was going to be a boy, because boys tend to get too comfortable,” Jenny said.

She added that even though the labour lasted between 15 and 20 hours, she had experienced a “brilliant” pregnancy.

The couple described the medical team who helped deliver him as “fantastic”.

The couple had considered naming their son Tom, but soon changed their mind.

Connell (28), originally from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, said it wasn't too hard to decide on a name for their son.

“I just came home one night and suggested Cillian. We both like the actor Cillian Murphy. I think it is a normal enough name — but it is not so popular that a lot of people have it. I think it is a bit edgy,” he said.

Connell, an IT consultant who works at the Ulster Hospital, joked that when he arrived for the delivery he had to tell staff he wasn't just there to fix a printer, but to become a dad.

Now the parents are looking forward to beginning family life together. “We just can’t wait to get home,” Jenny said.

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