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Just Born: Little Evie completes a very happy family

Nigel and Kelly Minford from Nutts Corner in Co Antrim are celebrating the birth of their second child.

Evie May Minford weighed 8lbs and measured 50cm when she was born at the Lagan Valley Hospital in Lisburn on July 8 at 3.14pm.

"Evie was a name both Nigel and I loved from when we first talked about baby names," Kelly explained.

"We chose May as her middle name as we thought it went lovely with Evie and my granny was called May. Evie is doing extremely well, she's thriving, growing like a mushroom."

Kelly recalled holding her daughter for the first time.

"The whole way through my pregnancy I was convinced we were having a boy, so when the midwives told me she was a girl I couldn't believe it," Kelly said.

"When I first held her in my arms I fell in love and felt very blessed to have a beautiful daughter."

Kelly praised the team at Lagan Valley for the exceptional job they did caring for her and Evie.

"The staff at the Lagan Valley were superb," she said.

Nigel and Kelly's son Kyle is enjoying taking on the new role of big brother.

"Nigel and I also have a 10-year-old son, named Kyle," Kelly said. "He absolutely loves being a big brother and having a baby sister."

Proud dad Nigel said: "Evie is my princess. She has completed our family, we couldn't be happier."

Kelly added: "We have had a lot of visits from family and friends and would like to thank everyone for their congratulations and kind gifts."

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