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Just Born: Patrick McCreary - journalist's baby son arrives right on deadline

All good journalists know the importance of meeting a deadline so perhaps little P is taking after his father.

Belfast Telegraph journalist Matthew McCreary (36) and his wife Orla (38), a social worker, welcomed the little boy into the world on January 22 at 3.50pm.

He weighed 7lbs 15oz and measured 57cms on arrival at Antrim Area Hospital.

"Incredibly, Patrick was born on his due date, which we're told is actually relatively rare for a normal delivery," Matthew said.

"Hopefully he'll remain this punctual throughout his life!"

Matthew recalled the moment he held his baby son for the first time.

"I was definitely a little calmer than first time round with my daughter, when I was just blubbing helplessly," Matthew said.

"To be honest, I was just glad that he was okay as the delivery happened very fast."

Patrick's sister Cara is very pleased to "have someone new to boss about".

"She's very good with him and helps rock him to sleep when he's agitated," Matthew said.

"She's also fascinated with his 'wee baldy head'!"

Patrick's middle name Joseph is a nod to Orla's grandfather on her mother's side.

"We picked Patrick as we just liked it – it's a nice, solid Irish name," Matthew added.

Matthew and Orla, from Newtownabbey, are still trying to work out who Patrick looks most like.

"He's not as obviously like me as our daughter was when she was born," Matthew said.

"He's definitely more like my wife in temperament, though, a lot more fond of his chilling out time!"

Matthew praised the staff at Antrim Area Hospital for the quality of care provided to his young family.

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