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Just Born: Timothy Fulton

By Louise Small

Little Timothy Fulton was born after an elective caesarean section last Tuesday.

His mum, Helen Fulton, is now the proud parent of two boys — her elder son Thomas is four years old.

Helen said: “I had a caesarean because my first child was breach, so I thought it was best for both me and the baby.”

Timothy weighed in at 7Ib 4oz when he was born at 11.23am in the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald.

Helen, who is a teacher at Monkstown Community School in Newtownabbey, added: “Being a teacher, it is difficult to choose names, and my husband Edward is also a teacher and we couldn’t agree on a name until recently, when we chose Timothy.

“I am excited to be going home, though it is very nice in here.

“It was nice to be put in a side-room. At least we can sleep and other babies aren’t waking Timothy up. But at home you have your own things around you.”

Helen said that there are going to be big changes at home when Timothy arrives.

“He is sleeping and feeding well, but his elder brother, Thomas, isn’t very good. He has been having nightmares and asking where Mummy is.

“He is looking forward to me coming home, but the baby will be a big change for him.

“There will probably be the odd wee nip every now and again, but I'm sure he will be fine.”

Gazing lovingly at Timothy, Helen said: “He seems so tiny, yet Thomas was only 6Ib, so he is actually quite big.

“The wards here at the Ulster are lovely and the midwives have been very nice.”

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