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Just born: Tristan Craig

Lauren Craig with her newborn baby Tristan
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" title="Lauren Craig with her newborn baby Tristan

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Lauren Craig with her newborn baby Tristan

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By Anne Madden

After a difficult pregnancy and long labour, Lauren Craig hailed her newborn “a little miracle”.

Born on August 2, baby Tristan was four weeks premature, but at 6lbs 9oz he’s a healthy boy.

The 26-year-old from Cregagh Road in Belfast described a tough pregnancy due to a weak cervix.

“I had to have a stitch put in at 20 weeks,” said Lauren.

“I was six centimetres dilated and was rushed to theatre in the Ulster hospital. I was kept in for just over a week just to make sure I had no infections.

“After that, I couldn’t go back to work during my pregnancy and was put on bed rest and had to have steroid injections.”

Lauren had hoped that would be the worst she would have to go through. However, her labour lasted nearly 24 hours, from 3am on August 1 through to 12.30am the following morning.

“I had to have every procedure going,” added Lauren.

“Eventually the medical staff used forceps to deliver the baby. He really went through the mill.”

At two days old, Lauren and her partner Chris Kirk had yet to decide on a name.

“She was in total shock after the birth because she thought all along that it was going to be a girl,” said Chris.

In the end, they decided to give him three names: Tristan William James.

Tristan was a Cornish hero who appears in Celtic folklore from medieval times. The name came to Lauren's attention after James Franco played Tristan in the 2006 film Tristan & Isolde.

Lauren said she liked the story and decided to name her baby after the romantic legend.

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