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Just Born: Wee Ollie Spence shares his birthday with dad

Ollie Spence from Annahilt delayed his arrival in the world by 10 days so he could share his birthday with his father.

Dental nurse Julie (36) and Garry (38), a digger driver, are thrilled to welcome a son into the world.

Ollie Garry Trevor Harvey Spence weighed 7lbs 14oz when he was born at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald on July 16 at 10.35pm.

As Ollie arrived 10 days later than scheduled he how shares his birthday with Garry.

The healthy baby boy's middle names are Garry after his father, Trevor after Julie's late father and Harvey is her grandmother's maiden name.

Julie recalled the moment she held her son for the first time.

"I was overwhelmed," she said.

"It was hard to believe that was growing inside me for nine months.

"It was Garry's birthday. He was 10 days overdue. He was waiting for his daddy's birthday

"We both love him to bits. He is the spit of his daddy."

Julie praised the team at the Ulster Hospital.

"They were all more than good," Julie said.

"Everyone was very, very helpful."

Julie and Garry have received lots of cards, gifts and messages of congratulations from their friends and family.

"Everybody can't wait to see him," Julie said.

"My brother is on holiday so we've Skyped him.

"Everybody has been brilliant."

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