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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford air their dirty linen on YouTube in bid to enlist the nation's help to resolve marital bickering

By Claire Harrison

It's often the small things in life that cause the greatest tension between married couples.

But most husbands and wives keep their personal bugbears about each other firmly behind closed doors.

That is unless you’re Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford, who are enlisting the help of the nation in sorting out their marital bickering.

The couple — who host ITV’s This Morning together every Friday and are much loved for their banter — have filmed themselves discussing three issues that cause the most friction between them.

And they’ve posted the videos on YouTube with a plea for viewers to get in touch and tell them who they think has the upper hand in the argument.

Entitled ‘He Says, She Says’, the couple, both aged 52, are seen sitting in the kitchen of their home arguing over three domestic topics of division — date nights, decorative cushions and Eamonn’s cooking.

In the three videos, Ruth highlights her husband’s lack of culinary skills in the kitchen while he criticises her large collection of decorative cushions which stay on their bed but are not for sleeping on.

The interviews give an insight into the lives of the couple who have been together for 12 years and have a 10-year-old son, Jack.

Criticising her Belfast husband’s cooking ability, Ruth hits out at his insistence on taking charge of the barbecue at their Surrey home.

“All the cooking that happens here is done by me.

“Except, of course, when the sun comes out, and then Eamonn suddenly decides — a man that never cooks — that he can cook a barbecue.

“And, of course, he can’t cook, so eight hours later we have a few burnt sausages and a bit of raw chicken.”

The Sky presenter hits back: “It’s me that is making the house a home. We find it difficult getting people to visit us because people don’t like you.”

Discussing the issue of cushions, Ruth reveals her irritation over her husband using them to sleep on and scrunching them up.

“If I was beside you in bed I would like to scrunch you… you’re not too keen on that either,” Eamonn hit back.

Domestic dispute 1: Cooking

Many wives believe there’s nothing like a barbecue to bring out the caveman in her husband. In the first video, Ruth explains how she is happy for all cooking in the Holmes household to be her responsibility. However, Eamonn, a questionable chef, causes tension by taking charge of the barbecue, leading to burnt sausages and raw chicken. Ruth says her husband should steer clear of all cooking duties, while Eamonn says his wife is territorial about her kitchen.

Domestic dispute 2: Cushions

It’s the burning question of every marriage — cushions, what is the point? In the second video, Eamonn rails against his wife’s penchant for countless silk cushions that are for decorative purposes only. Ruth, meanwhile, speaks of her frustration over Eamonn’s determination to use the cushions to sleep on, particularly when he covers them in his make-up, and scrunches them up. Eamonn believes a cushion should be used or not be there at all.

Domestic dispute 3: Date nights

Eamonn reveals his romantic side when he talks of wanting to take his wife on spontaneous dates. Ruth, on the other hand, is rooted in the reality of trying to be spontaneous when you have a child to help with homework and babysitters to organise. And then there are Eamonn’s football-watching commitments which, he makes clear, come before date nights. In the third video, Ruth concedes that Eamonn is more romantic but stresses she has to be practical.

Domestic dispute 4: TV remotes

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