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Just Married: Katrina Weir and Ciaran McAlea have dream American honeymoon after a perfect wedding

Katrina and Ciaran McAlea are honeymooning in the US following their perfect Belfast wedding. Katrina (31), a trainee internal auditor, and Ciaran (34), a software developer, met in 2000 through a friend.

"I asked him to my school formal," Katrina said.

The couple from west Belfast – proud parents of Ciaran (8) and Lily (2) – fell in love and then became engaged in April 2013.

"It was lovely," Katrina said.

They were married on March 22 at St Peter's Cathedral with a reception afterwards at the Balmoral Hotel.

Their first dance as husband and wife was to Ellie Goulding's song How Long Will I Love You.

"Everything was beautiful," Katrina said.

"It was a great day.

"We had a fantastic time. We danced the night away."

The McAleas' honeymoon started in Dublin, then Las Vegas and New York.

Married life is good for the happy newlyweds.

"It's great," Katrina said.

"Everybody says it doesn't change anything, but our feet haven't touched the ground."

Mr and Mrs McAlea would like to extend thanks to their loved ones.

"We had such a wonderful wedding day," Katrina said.

"Thanks to all your friends and family for making it so special and to our photographer Camille Watson, who went over and above the call of duty."

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