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Video: Stag-do bungee jump prank goes viral

Footage of a blindfolded groom-to-be making a three-foot leap into a lake has become an internet sensation.

The video of a man belly flopping in a murky pond after being led to believe he was making a 50-foot bungee jump has gone viral after it was shared online.

More than two million people have watched the stag party stunt, which shows the groom - identified only as Kokovtsov - preparing to leap off the edge of a plank wearing a blindfold and safety harness.

Appearing reticent at first to make the jump, the stag eventually leaps into the void cheered on by a crowd lining the bank.

His belly-flop into the water prompts fits of laughter from his friends - and millions more online.

Even the groom managed to see the funny side, after he was rescued from the shallow water.

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