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Wedding photographer apologises for insulting Facebook posts: "Ugliest bride I've ever photographed ... Bridezilla"

A wedding photographer has apologised after a post appeared on his Facebook page which described a newlywed woman as the "ugliest bride I have ever photographed", adding she "whinged the whole time".

The post appeared on the official business page of Lee Maxwell Judd, a wedding photographer based in New South Wales, Australia, and has prompted a flood of criticism directed at the page.

The abusive message came below a picture of a newlywed couple, Ashlea and Daniel Howard, who had hired Judd as the photographer for their wedding in February.

The full post read: "Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Whinged the whole time. Bridezilla #1."

Mrs Howard said she was "mortified" by the post, claiming that it came after the couple complained about a problem with the delivery of their photos.

Judd has since distanced himself from the post, saying the "page was compromised" after his account was hacked.

He said: "Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening."

Users have posted hundreds of reviews on his page criticising him for the post, and have received angry responses in return - including one message from the photographer's account that told a critic to "get back in your trailer".

Today, the account posted a response a comment that called out Judd's "haters", saying they lead "boring, hopeless and meaningless lives".

On Mr Judd's personal Facebook page, he posted a link to a news story about the incident, saying "I'm finally infamous."

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