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McGuigan murder has serious implications for peace process

The admission by the PSNI that present members of the IRA were responsible for the murder of Kevin McGuigan poses serious questions which should have implications for the present Stormont Executive and the peace process.

The PSNI statement couldn't confirm that the IRA members involved acted as individuals or if they were instructed by a central command structure within the IRA. However, if the IRA is no longer in existence as Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly would have us believe then how is it possible to for the PSNI to state "present IRA members" or a "central command"? But then again Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams did say "They haven't gone away you know".

So how can an organisation no longer in existence obtain weapons to carry out such a murder as the PSNI suggest? Were all the IRA's weapons not decommissioned in full according to General John De Chastelain in 2005?

At that time there was no photographic, tangible or verifiable evidence to prove this as the DUP wanted but then reneged upon.

If the weapons used were not from those which were supposed to have been decommissioned then they must be from a new consignment of weapons brought in perhaps with money from the Northern Bank robbery.

What will First Minister Peter Robinson and the DUP now do with their Sinn Fein partners in government?

One thing is certain - those unionists in 2007 who were opposed to entering government with Sinn Fein have now been proven to be correct in their judgment as the IRA were still in existence and as active then as they are at present.

At the same time Sinn Fein in their ministerial roles at Stormont have plunged Northern Ireland into a financial crisis.


Walter Millar

TUV Cookstown

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