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It was time to bale out


The GSX1200FA on a moorland road in Co Antrim

The GSX1200FA on a moorland road in Co Antrim

The GSX1200FA on a moorland road in Co Antrim

Aways expect the unexpected. The day I was testing the Suzuki tourer, main column, I saw a potential serious accident develop in front of me.

A Ford Galaxy, with NL plates (Netherlands), directly in front of me, was following a tractor pulling a trailer loaded big, round bales of hay. Being left hand drive, the driver was relying on his passenger to give him the okay for overtaking.

I couldn’t believe it when the Galaxy pulled out, about 40 yards for a blind, right hand bend. He just on by the skin of his teeth before an oncoming car struck him. If you really thought about what could happen on the roads you’d never take your bike out of the garage.

By the time you read this, the excellent Right to Ride forum, the local watch dog of bikers’ interests, will have undergone a name change and a revamp. Trevor and Elaine have dropped the Write to Ride name and the new web address is: www.righttoride.co.uk

I think I speak for all bikers here when I thank Trevor and Elaine, who put hours of their own time into the web site and who campaign for all our interests. I hope they know their work, which includes a lot ofexcellent research, is much appreciated.

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