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Supercars in all Ireland charity drive

It is often said that people love life when it is experienced in all its glory, and what could be better than combining exquisite supercars, the finest views of Ireland, and the most superior accommodation available?

Add some horse power to this by being part of the Claddagh GT 2010 and together you have a great tour around Ireland that benefits some of Ireland’s most worthy charities.

In video: Gary Grattan meets event organiser Norman Kerr

The Claddagh GT Tour promises to be the most exciting Supercar charity event in the all-Ireland 2010 motor calendar. The route for this spectacular road run, which will remain a secret from the first day until the last night; will give those taking a part a real sense of adventure, making it a truly memorable experience. The exhibition race will stop at five locations from May 9 2010, including Belfast, Enniskillen, Dublin, Mayo and Cork. Whether behind the wheel at full throttle or simply stopping in at the pit stop to view the magnificent road machines, the Claddagh GT experience is one that is guaranteed to be remembered by all.

Organiser Norman Kerr said: “There will be an awesome range of around 75 supercars from all over the world on display - ranging from Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini to Aston Martin and Porsche. This will give any motor enthusiast a chance to see cars from movies, television and glossy magazines within touching distance; as it’s particularly rare that any event could boast that many supercars in the one location! We’d encourage members of the general public to come and marvel at cars that Jeremy Clarkson would only dream of... There will also be a track day in which drivers and revellers can meet like minded people and really put their pedals to the metal!”

There is a charity element too, Kerr explains: “The team at Claddagh GT believe in building charity partnerships and supporting charity in local communities. This year’s principal charity is NSPCC, which aims to end cruelty to children by fighting for their rights, listening to them, helping them and making them safe. We’ll raise money for them at pit stops and at the finish line ball through an auction and raffle.”

More information can be found at www.claddaghgt.com .

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