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One Show visit oh so predictable

By Eddie McIlwaine

The BBC's One Show pair Matt Baker and Alex Jones talked about the Wishing Chair when they called at the Giant's Causeway during their week-long trip along the Antrim coast.

But they didn't bother to take a seat and make a wish.

This was a pity, because they might have asked for something special to happen to stop their visit here being so predictable. I sat in the Wishing Chair once upon a time and asked for £100. It arrived two days later in the form of a tax rebate.

The pair have now joined a small band of sightseers at the Causeway who haven't put aside the time to perch in that magical, rocky chair.

Matt and Alex found a fairy thorn and sat under it (of course they did), they had a DeLorean car at their team's disposal (of course they did) and they told viewers all about the giant Finn McCool (of course they did).

Before the pair of them said goodbye, Matt predicted the visit to Northern Ireland would win them many more viewers in future.

I doubt it.

I've a feeling Matt and Alex will be glad to get back to the comfort of the studio.

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