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Pam's People: Never too early for Christmas marketeers

By Pamela Ballantine

OK, it's time to mention the C word - yes, Christmas is less than eight weeks away but the festive spirit was in evidence at the Chartered Institute of Marketing which held its Christmas Comes Early event in Belfast's Holiday Inn. The turkey and all the trimmings were served to members of CIM who are usually too busy come December to let their hair down and celebrate.

When it comes to building a property, one of the first things you need to do is get your finances in order which is what Mencap is trying to do by launching its Big Step Forward Appeal.

The charity needs £1.7m to set up a new Children and Families Centre and they have called on the public to join them to raise the cash to help young people with a learning disability and the plans were unveiled at a reception in the Mac.

Who would have thought that at this time of year it would have been mild enough to sit outside in the evening but thankfully that is what we were able to do in the Filthy Quarter outside Filthy McNastys in Belfast, to celebrate the launch of the Magners Light Pint Bottle.

The host for the evening was local blogger Neil, aka NI Gossip Guy, and after a few pints of the reduced calorie cider I'm sure there was a lot of gossip to be had - my lips are sealed.

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