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Pam's People: Pulling up a chair at the Ikea Ideas Festival

By Pamela Ballantine

It's that time of year when many of us are having a clear-out, but are you often stuck for storage? I know I am, but help was at hand at the launch of the Ideas Festival at Ikea, which offered tips and advice on the joy of storage.

The stylist Kate McKeogh was on hand to guide guests through trend workshops and how best to store their clothes throughout different seasons. I'm now sorted.

Elsewhere, local artist Neil Shawcross unveiled his latest work at the James Wray and Company art gallery in Belfast. It was commissioned by Monaghan-based sausage producer Arthur Mallon Foods, and it depicts the iconic brand logo of the family-owned company. Guests were delighted to meet the artist but also to sample Mallon sausages, which were cooked to perfection by leading chef Niall McKenna.

Meanwhile, we can agree that first impressions are important, and when you check in at a hotel, the receptionist is usually the first person you meet, so they can shape your opinion of the place, which is why the NIHF Receptionist of the Year competition means so much.

This year's ceremony was held in the La Mon Hotel and Country Club, and it gave these very important front-of-house staff the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved night off.

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